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I Met A Gril

I met a girl *big smile*. Well let me correct that, I’ve known her for a while. We started out as friends, just sort of hanging out, going shopping, going to the movies you know the sort of stuff you do with friends. I’m not sure when it jumped from friendship to more but that’s usually how it happens. We started texting and talking on the computer more. Soon I found that I was spending a great deal of my time with her. I would get lost in her, and forget about things that needed to be done. One day I realized that things were moving too fast and I told her that we needed to take a break. I tried to explain that I was trying to become a writer and this is something that I have always wanted to do so I needed to concentrate, focus. She didn’t take this to well.

Soon I saw a whole new side to her, she was around constantly, and I could never get anything done. I never realized how little I knew about her. People warned me but I never listen but it’s true, that Procrastination, she can be a real bitch sometimes. Her endless tricks to keep me from writing, using Facebook, Candy Crush, and Youtube clips of funny animals, even now she laughs as I sit and write about her knowing she is keeping me from what I should really be doing. But that’s it no more Procrastination, we’re finished. I write this as a warning to all who may run into this conniving witch. She lures you in with false promises of, “it won’t take long,” or “promise we’ll do it tomorrow.” Don’t listen to her turn and run away because trust me when I tell you Procrastination is a bitch.

Comments on: "I Met A Gril" (2)

  1. So true, my friend! Clarissa Pinkoles Estes says protect your soul-work with bared fangs. Oscar Wilde says the primary skill of good writers is the ability to apply buttocks to seat cushion. But, P. is sooo attractive! Just one more go with her before I start my work…

  2. LOL Joan I just looked her up and I am going to have to agree my friend.

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